Does Alexis Ren 10 Minute Ab Workout Work?

Alexis Ren is a well-recognized Internet celebrity and model. She was discovered as a model at the age of 13 by the label Brandy Melville. At the age of 15, Alexis's fame rose on social media after photos of her in a bikini beside a pool became viral on Tumblr. She is now a famous model, with over 13 million followers on Instagram.

Alexis Ren was the cover girl of the August 2017 issue of Maxim. Later, she featured on the cover of Maxim Mexico in their March 2018 issue. Similarly, Alexis Ren got included in Maxim's Hot 100 list of Sexiest Women in the World in 2019.

Besides modeling, Alexis Ren participated in the 27th season of 'Dancing with the Stars' in 2018, where she partnered with Alan Bersten. The pair performed well in the competition, where they reached the finals and came in the fourth position.

Becoming a model is not an easy job. Not everyone can maintain their body and stay in shape to display a beautiful figure and size that modeling agencies demand. Every person must work hard and put dedication to the intense exercise and workout routine to achieve their modeling goals. Alexis Ren, as a model, involves in her own daily workout sessions to maintain the attractive frame that makes her one of the most prominent models in the fashion and entertainment industry.
In the sections below, we provide complete information for people who are interested in the popular 10 minute Ab workout that Alexis uses daily.

Alexis Ren 10 Minute Ab Workout
The mutimillionaire Alexis Ren does a series of exercises, each 30 seconds long. Below we give you the list of sets the model does each done with the repetitions in 30 seconds.
1 Sit-ups
2 Knee touch crunches
3 Heel touches
4 Bicycle crunches
5 Russian twists
6 Reach through crunches
7 Legs to ceiling reaching crunches
8 Toe taps leg lifts
9 Flutter kicks
10 Scissor kicks
11 Leg lifts
12 Leg up alternating toe crunch
13 Crunch kicks
14 Mountain climbers
15 Plank
16 Right side plank
17 Left side plank
18 Plank
19 Plank twists
20 Spider climbers
It may seem intense and very difficult for you to start out, but you can start with the basics with less effort and then increase the strain as you progress.

Alexis Ren Diet Routine
It is not just the exercise that can achieve you a mouth-watering body; you should be careful about what you eat too.

Alexis's mother was a health nutritionist expert, and she gained awareness about being careful of the nutrition and types of diet to follow from her mom. Alexis Ren follows a strict diet routine that excludes any kind of fast food and sugary products. Here is the list of the nutrition plan Alexis follows in her daily routine.

Food she eats
1 Fruits like pineapples, strawberries, watermelon, papaya, and mango for endless
smoothies and açaí bowls.
2 Ice-cream made of bananas blended with almond milk.
3 Salad with lemon and pepper
4 Veggie burgers wrapped in lettuce with avocado
5 And drinks lots of water
Food she avoids
1 No bread
2 No Alcohol
3 No fast food
4 No red meat
5 No sugary products
6 She does not eat after 7 pm

Here is a video where the model shares about what she eats in the morning and teaches how to make it.


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