Anna Faris Weight Loss — Is She Getting Too Skinny?

American actress, podcaster, and author Anna Faris rose to fame for her work in comedic roles, particularly the lead part of 'Cindy Campbell' in the 'Scary Movie' franchise.

Anna received critical praise for her role in 'Smiley Face' and then starred in 'The House Bunny', which earned her an MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Comedic Performance.

Did Anna Faris lose weight?

Faris was married to American actor Chris Pratt for eight years. The two actors seemed perfect for each other, but the fairy-tale romance ended when they separated in December 2017 and divorced in October 2018. Pratt moved on from his past and is now happily united with Katherine Schwarzenegger.

However, Anna seems to have taken the split too hard as we can see a specific change in her appearance. Let's look into what has happened to the actor.

Anna Faris Weight Loss — Is She Getting Too Skinny?

Anna, 42, had started losing weight soon after she and her then-husband Chris Pratt, 40, announced in July 2017 that they were separating. In October 2018, Anna had uploaded a picture of herself in the bathroom on her Instagram.

She was wearing small shorts, and her legs appeared extra thin, almost skeletal. They were also pale. Her followers were quick to notice her weight loss looks.

The actress seems to be in very fragile health so much so that even her friends are concerned about her.

They feel worried about her declining health and feel that she has not overcome her grief. She is in a downward spiral, they think. Last year, an insider said, "Anna has been drinking a lot."

Now that her ex-husband Chris Pratt is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter Katherine, Faris seems to be more upset. Fears for the actress's weight began after she and Pratt, 40, announced they were separating in July 2017 after eight years of marriage.

Chris Pratt is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter Katherine.

Unfortunately, though, Faris, 42, appears to continue to be shrinking in shocking new photos obtained by Radar. Fans know sources close to the Hollywood beauty told Us Weekly friends are worried about her declining health and feel she is headed towards a downward spiral.

"She does not have a healthy diet and starts drinking early in the day," said another source.

She looked disturbingly thin just two months after her ex tied the knot following their failed marriage. Even after years of their split and Pratt getting married, Faris still seems to have feelings for Chris and is now drinking away her sorrows while Chris enjoys a new union. It's led to drastic weight loss changes, as well as changes on the emotional side of her.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's Relationship

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris met in 2007 on the set of 'Take Me Home Tonight'. On June 9th 2009, they married in Bali in Indonesia followed by the premature arrival of their son, Jack, in August 2012, resulting in several health complications.

Their marriage seemed like a happy one in the public eye, but Chris had revealed that he and Anna had tried to make their marriage work but in vain.

Chris Pratt is married to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Not to forget the pair has a child together, and despite the breakup, Chris and Anna have tried to remain amicable for their son and agreed in their divorce settlement to live within five miles of each other for the sake of their son Jack, who was aged six at the time.

Both Pratt and Faris had held it together as parents, regardless of their separation. "Anna and I are meant to be together," Chris said during an 'Ask Me Anything' session on Reddit.

"Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny, just as much as my crazy career and the way I fell into this life."

They did seem like the perfect couple. But sadly, the pressures of being Hollywood celebrities would soon put a strain on their relationship.

It looks like Chris has moved on from his past by keeping everything at bay, but Anna needs help. Post the separation; the actress' life seems to be going downhill with her dropping weight and drinking problem; its high time she seeks help not only for her but also for her little son Jack.


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