Keto Breakfast Meat Egg Cups

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Keto Breakfast Meat Egg Cups

Egg cups are such a simple and efficient way to prepare your breakfast. Make this recipe on a Sunday so you have breakfast or a snack ready to go every day of the week! To reheat any leftover egg cups, simply microwave them with a paper towel laid over the tops to trap moisture. Heat for 15-20 seconds, and your breakfast is served!

Prep Time: 12 min
Cook Time: 25 min
Ready In: 37 min


Bacon:3 slice - 6" long,(24g or 0.85 oz)
Ham: 2 ounce,(57g)
Breakfast Sausage:3 ounce,(85g)
Raw Egg:6 large,(300g or 10.58 oz)
Salt:0.5 teaspoon,(3g or 0.11 oz)
Black Pepper: 0.5 teaspoon,(1g or 0.04 oz)
Onion Powder: 0.25 teaspoon,(1g or 0.02 oz)
Paprika: 0.5 teaspoon,(1g or 0.04 oz)


1. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees. Prepare your cooked breakfast meats by chopping them finely. The sausage should be crumbled into small pieces. The crispier your bacon and sausage are, the yummier this recipe will be!
2. Next, whisk together the eggs and all remaining ingredients. Also, prepare six muffin tins with pan spray.
3. Distribute the breakfast meats in each muffin tin. You can mix the meats together or layer them on top of each other. Then, pour the egg mixture evenly over the meats so each muffin tin is filled to just below the brim.
4. Bake the egg cups for approx. 25 minutes or until the egg has cooked through and the tops are slightly golden. Enjoy hot!


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