Keto Bacon Sushi

This bacon sushi is good to be eaten as an appetizer. It's packed with meaty and veggie goodness. There's also a mild-sweet surprise under it which is the cream cheese and it blends well with the rest of the ingredients.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Servings: 1

4 slices Bacon, fried
15 grams of Cream Cheese
25 grams Cucumber, in sticks
25 grams Carrot, in sticks
1 tsp Sesame Seeds

1. Prepare all the ingredients needed.
2. Spread cream cheese over bacon slices.
3. Add cucumber sticks on the rightmost side of the bacon.
4. Then, add the carrots.
5. Slowly, roll the bacon and secure it using a toothpick.
6. Repeat the same procedures with the rest of the bacon slices. Top it with sesame seeds and serve.

Nutritional Information:
Energy - 504.5 kcal
Protein - 14.7g
Fat - 46.9g
Carbohydrates - 5.9g

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