bacon broccoli frittata recipe

bacon broccoli frittata recipe

This will be your new favorite morning meal. Bacon, mushrooms, broccoli, eggs, heavy cream, and cheese altogether? You can never go wrong in serving a frittata every breakfast. It's pure goodness in one dish.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Servings: 2

1 Tbsp Butter
2 slices Bacon, chopped
½ cup Mushrooms, sliced
50 grams of Broccoli florets
30 grams Cheddar Cheese, in cubes
2 Tbsp Heavy Cream
Salt and pepper, to taste
3 Eggs, whisked

1. Melt the butter on a non-stick pan.
2. Add the bacon and cook it until brown in color.
3. Add the mushrooms.
4. Add the broccoli.
5. Add the cheese.
6. Pour the heavy cream over the pan
7. Season with salt and pepper
8. Finally, add the eggs and swirl the pan so it will cover the bottom of the pan entirely
9. Cover the pan for a few minutes until the top of the frittata is cooked. Serve in slices

Nutritional Information
Energy - 364.4 kcal
Protein - 16.9g
Fat - 31.2g
Carbohydrates - 4g

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