KETO Chocolate Shake Recipe

Alright, let’s get to it. Here is what you need for your new favorite KETO shake. This recipe will make enough for 1 shake. If you have more KETOers in your house – multiple appropriately. Just warning you in advance, this will be your new go-to KETO dessert.


o 1 1/4 Cup Ice
o 1/3 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
o 3 TBSP Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup
o 1 TBSP Cocoa
o 5 Drops Stevia by Sweet Leaf
o Pinch of Salt
o 1/2 Cup Sugar Free Creamer


    1. Dump all keto frosty ingredients into a blender or Nutri-Bullet.
   2. Blend for approximately 1 minute
  3.  Pour into a cup

  4.  Enjoy! Sweet tooth, be gone! Great for drinking with a fat straw and piece of bacon
       (don't judge)


Only 2.5 net carbs (according to carb calculator from carb manager.)

This low carb milk shake can easily be made for more people by doubling the recipe. The 
pinch of salt does make all of the difference.

For sugar free creamer, I love the sugar free italian sweet cream creamer or vanilla sugar free creamer.



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